LIKE millions of Brits, 22-year-old Matt Burgiss couldn’t wait for Christmas.

But while others were excited for turkey and family get-togethers, gambling addict Matt knew additional football fixtures over the festive period meant even more opportunities to bet on his team, Tottenham.


Matt Burgiss saw the festive season as an opportunity to gambleCredit: Supplied


Matt, pictured here with wife TishCredit: Supplied

This wasn’t just a bit of fun – Matt had already lost thousands and he was relying on a win to buy Christmas presents for his family.

Matt had s…….

The type of gambling site you choose can have a big role to play in determining your ultimate experience. Today we have collated a list of some of the possible options you can follow while choosing a gambling site and playing with real money:

Take a Random Pick

Picking a gambling site randomly seems like one of the easiest things to do. You can choose amongst ‘n’ number of options and there is a high chance that you will opt for a good one. But there is no guarantee that the site you pick will cater to your personal n…….

The European Lotteries (EL), the name generally used by the industry to refer to The European State Lotteries and Toto Association, is the European umbrella organization of national lotteries operating games of chance, including sports betting, from over 40 European countries. It has around 50 Members in all EU Member States and a total of over 70 members, thus becoming the European lottery and gambling sector’s largest and most representative organisation.

EL’s Secretary General, Arjan van’t Veer, spoke with Yogonet about the key developments achieved by the member lo…….

Merry Christmas to you and yours, and we were given quite a gift in the form of this holiday NFL doubleheader. The Indianapolis Colts, who have now won two straight, take their talents to Arizona, to play Kyler Murray and the Cardinals. While the Cardinals were long viewed as the best team in the NFL, they have dropped two straight — including an inexplicable loss to the Detroit Lions last week. This matchup presents an opportunity for them not only to get back on track, but to prove that they are still a legitimate …….

Dear SBC readers,

It has been yet another eventful year; with its regulatory highs and lows. As my good friend, the Gambling Santa, has a strong tendency to give and take away when it comes to my Christmas wish lists, I have decided that this year I will seek to soften his hardened heart with a song. If you feel like it, please do sing along:

On the First day of ChristmasGambling Santa brought to meThe gambling world, addiction free. 

On the Second day of ChristmasGambling Santa brought to meAn Ontario licenseAnd the gamblin…….

In our lead-up the College Football Playoff Cotton Bowl Semifinal tilt between Alabama and Cincinnati, we’re going to break down some efficiency comparisons between the two, and see where the line stands.

As of today, 23 December, the spread has edged up slightly to ‘Bama -14, from -13.5. The moneyline, always a heavy ‘Bama number, has gone up 10% in the last week — from -$500 to -$550.

What are people seeing that is driving this, exactly?

In two words? Offensive. Efficiency.

Alabama has be…….

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re quite bored with your gambling status quo. You know the ins and outs of your regional betting establishments like the back of your hand. After all, you’ve been their passionate patron for years now, enjoying their services whenever possible. Local dealers know better than to pick a bone with you, knowing perfectly well how familiar are you with their usual methods. Even the games of chance offer no challenge after playing the same old ones over and over again.

For an avid gambler like yourself, such a state of stagnation mu…….

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Some regions, including North America and Europe, are commonly considered a gambler’s corner of paradise. Thousands of players across the world love taking on the odds, be it the race track, the oval, or the pokies. Some gambling statistics of the recent years’ studies may illustrate the gambling situation as follows: 

Up to 40% of the population across America and Europe plays regularly;The COVID-19 pandemic mar…….

As of July 2020, remote and land-based gambling and lottery businesses will have to pay a 20 percent tax rate and lottery companies will have to pay 18 percent in tac as of January, 2023.

The tax rate for gambling companies will be calculated based on their gross gambling revenue. And that for lotteries will be based on the nominal value of sold lottery tickets.

Currently, lottery organizers pay 5 percent from the value of sold tickets and also allocate another 8 percent directly to support receiver…….