BGC Unveils Ad Tech Forum to Protect the Youth from Gambling Ads –

December 13, 2021 by No Comments

Britain’s Betting and Gaming Council has unveiled a new cross-industry Ad Tech Forum. The forum’s work will be to provide operators with crucial tips on how to better protect the youth from gambling harm.  

The Forum Will Rely on Tech and Data Solutions

The Ad Tech Forum’s work will heavily trust data collection technologies. It will have operators, such as Bet365, Flutter, and William Hill, collaborate with Google, Meta, Snap, and Twitter to better understand problem gambling and work to inhibit it through strategic usage of data. By using cutting-edge solutions, the forum and the bookmakers will aim to improve gambling ads’ targeting and avoid exposing minors to betting commercials.

The new Ad Tech Forum has received the support of the Advertising Association. The latter’s chief executive officer, Stephen Woodford, spoke on the matter. He said that he and the association welcome the gambling industry’s proactive work alongside big tech platforms and advertising bodies.

“It is essential that gambling ads online and in social media meet the highest standards of social responsibility,” Woodford reminded.

The forum will fully comply with the mandatory measures and commitments from the Sixth Industry Code for Socially Responsible Advertising, described by the Betting and Gaming Council. This means that all operators who are a part of the BGC must make sure that their adverts target only people who are aged 25 or older. Furthermore, the ads have to adopt safer messages, instead of tripping people into gambling away large sums of money.

The BGC Continues Making the Gambling Space Safer

Michael Dugher, the chief executive officer of the Betting and Gaming Council, known as an ardent fighter for a healthier gambling industry, also spoke on the Ad Tech Forum. He revealed that he is delighted that the BGC has been able to coordinate the Ad Tech Forum. Dugher is convinced that the forum’s tech and data-based approach will help to crush gambling harm among the youth and vulnerable groups.

Dugher emphasized that ever since the BGC’s establishment two years ago, it has tirelessly worked to “drive up standards and promote safer gambling.” For him, the Ad Tech Forum attests to the council’s continued commitment to a safer gambling ecosystem.

Several days ago, Dugher once again spoke about how crucial it is to avoid exposing young people to gambling content. He appealed to the British government, asking it to “place child protection at the front and center” of the next gambling white paper.  Several weeks ago, the council praised Facebook for allowing users to …….



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