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Illegal gambling operations in Seminole County shut down in raids, sheriff says

Deputies raided eight businesses on Tuesday morning across Seminole County, accused of running illegal gambling operations.

It’s game over for multiple illegal gambling operations in Seminole County, according to the Seminole County sheriff.  Deputies raided eight locations Tuesday morning.

All the locations were allegedly conducting the gambling operations in ordinary strip malls. Some of them had fake fronts disguised as pawn shops or a billiard’s hall while others like the one on Park Drive, had no labels at all, deputies said.

“The windows were blocked, and I know they had cameras out there but the windows, you can never see inside,” said Mark Olson. 

Olson owns Totally Vacuums in the Park Drive Business Center just feet from one of the raided locations. He had no idea anything illegal was going on there. 

“They were never open when we were open,” said Olson. “Always at nighttime. Not during the day.”

Other shop owners just a mile away in a plaza off South Orlando Drive said the same thing. They watched as deputies loaded the illegal slot machines into a U-Haul.  

“More than 300 or so of these machines just like this. A lot of cash. There’s actually one location where cash was just stuck sitting inside the ceiling,” said Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma. 

The eight-month-long undercover investigation led to the shutdown of the eight gambling parlors.  Deputies targeted 18 and have charged them with racketeering, possessing gambling machines, operating illegal lotteries among other things. Over half of the suspects have had gambling machines seized in the past. 

Locations include: 


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