Sydney gambling identity Eddie Hayson filmed meeting with cocaine importer Damion Flower – ABC News

December 15, 2021 by No Comments

Controversial Sydney gambler and former brothel owner Eddie Hayson is embroiled in the cocaine trafficking case of high-profile racehorse owner Damion Flower, the ABC can reveal.

Mr Hayson was captured on CCTV cameras meeting with Flower in Sydney in the minutes before or after two of the multi-millionaire’s drug importations in 2019.

The revelations can finally be published after the New South Wales District Court today released a statement of facts, agreed between the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Flower ahead of his sentencing hearing this Friday.

Flower, 49, pleaded guilty last March to importing 228 kilograms of pure cocaine, worth as much as $68 million, between 2016 and 2019.

The racing identity faces a maximum penalty of life in jail after smuggling the drugs on 12 Qantas flights from South Africa, with the help of a corrupt baggage handler at Sydney airport, To’Oto’O Mafiti.

Damion Flower will be sentenced for cocaine importation on Friday.(AAP: Brendan Esposito)

The agreed statement of facts reveals that when police arrested Flower and searched his car in May 2019, they found a credit card and receipt in Mr Hayson’s name, a set of keys to the former brothel owner’s Sydney home and an encrypted Ciphr-brand phone.

Police later searched Mr Hayson’s house but have not charged him with any offence related to the Flower case.

Flower’s arrest sent shockwaves through the horseracing industry and elite circles.

While he was secretly building his cocaine empire, Flower flushed his drug profits through the industry, buying …….



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